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The future is CO

We create digital, physical and mental spaces for change.

We think of digitization, sustainability, social change and new work together. We believe that complex challenges need the creative input of diverse professionals. We understand change as a continuous learning process and as a necessary ability of companies. Therefore, we bundle our expertise and provide you with what you need for a successful transformation of your company:


Discuss with us ...


How does "New Work" lead to greater efficiency and greater satisfaction?
Why does thinking in networks make us more successful?
What does the attitude "CO" mean for modern recruiting?

Konstruktive Ansätze hierfür liefern unsere BarCamps „Die Zukunft ist CO“. Seien Sie dabei, sprechen wir über die neuesten Trends und diskutieren Sie mit Kolleg*Innen anderer KMUs über mögliche Lösungen.

Our BarCamps “The future is CO” provide constructive approaches for this. Be there, let's talk about the latest trends and discuss possible solutions with colleagues from other SMEs.

Addressed dialogue groups:
- Company management, department management
- Networkers, consultants
- MR
- Labor researchers, business psychologists

"Die Zukunft ist CO" - 2

Barcamp zur Zukunft der Arbeit

On 09/26/2022 | 2-5:30 p.m., followed by networking
in Innovationcenter WESTSPITZE, Tübingen


The series of events "The future is CO" is an initiative of the Cowork Group with the aim of formulating applicable concepts for the future of work together with companies in the region.