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Digital Tools for Collaboration

Collaboration and New Work are central to the experience of our co-working community. This makes it relevant to look for digital tools that support the cooperative process. Since we did not find any to begin with, we simply created them ourselves. Now we have exactly what we need - and the best part is: our tools are community-tested and -approved!

Your take-off point for all things web.

The tool for coordinating team work quickly and easily. With all the collaborative tools that you need:

  • Video conferencing (Jitsi, Zoom, etc.)
  • Whiteboards (Miro, Mural, Eraser etc.)
  • Text editors (Cryptopad and others), flowcharts
  • Free links of your own


Homepage   Demo Page

Open Innovation Circle


Interactive and collaborative learning platform.


We believe that the process of learning has to change! It should be collaborative, open, and accessible. This is why we developed the "Open Innovation Circle":

Start Page Open Innovation Circle   Overview


The search engine for educational content on the web.


In cooperation with various partners, we are developing a search engine for educational content. Keep posted!

Start Page EDUGLE   

Simple Board


Simply a kanban board.


A simple but efficient tool for organising kanban boards - coming in the first quarter of 2022.
(We are already using it :-))