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Our consulting services unite tangibility, digitality, and reflection – taking us one step closer to the "metaverse". In our coaching settings, we provide welcoming spaces as well as digital tools that support active participation. And even though we are in love with change, we pay close attention to designing transformation processes in a careful and respectful manner. This is what CO means.

To ensure that we remain on top of current developments, we foster constant internal exchange in a well-maintained network. 

Accompany innovation & digitization:

  • Processes
  • Tools
  • Methods
  • COWORK Innovation Lab

Develop competence:

  • Skills
  • Methods
  • COSOLUTION tools

Geschäftsmodelle optimieren:

  • Analyse
  • Design
  • Agiles Vorgehen
  • Portfolio-Management

Kultur verändern:

  • Strategie
  • (Selbst-)Oragnsiation
  • Management-Modelle
  • Räume
  • Rollen
  • Werte

The consulting services by the COWORK GROUP GmbH are provided in collaboration with (holder: Maria-Elisabeth Mittler-Holzem) and XI-Consulting GmbH. The collaborative aspects of the companies are discernible through their respective concrete offerings.